Agile Ticketing Update- 6.10


We are excited to announce our most recent update is about to be released.  This update provides significant benefits to the Agile Ticketing System.  The update is expected to occur early January 23, 2017, between the hours of 3:00 AM CDT and 5:00 AM CDT

During this time, you will not be able to access the ticketing platform, run reports and receive any automated reports. 

The next time you log into the system on or after Tuesday, January 23, you will automatically be updated to the newest version.  The update should only take a few moments to apply.  Once the update is complete you will be able to access the system as you normally would.  A summary of all the changes included in this update is shown below.



  • Auto Renewal option for memberships.  Allows setting up of yearly memberships that will renew with a payment method the customer has on file.  Also, allows the capability for setting up monthly subscription type memberships that will automatically renew every month.
  • Customer image support with ability to print the picture on membership cards or passes.
  • Updating to a new application framework to allow continued support of new features and security standards.


Maintenance Items:

  • Fixed an issue when clicking OK when adding a new customer relationship with no customer defined.
  • Fixed an issue with auto assigning member numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate donor checks in the Agile / DonorPerfect integration.
  • Fixed a few issues with editing addresses and country information.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a package component with no package type defined.
  • Fixed a few validation issues on the customer add/edit screen.
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