Adding and Managing Memberships in Web Portal

1. Go to

2. Enter the UsernamePassword, and Domain.


3. Click on the Customer Icon on the menu on the left. 


4. Enter the name of the Customer or a Keyword such as an address, phone number, or email address. Click on the Search button. 


5. Select the customer's record to open it. 

6. Once in the customer record, scroll down to the Memberships tab. 


7. If the customer already has a membership purchased, you can edit that membership by clicking on the edit button in front of the membership. 


Adding a New Membership

8. To add a membership, click on the Add New Membership button. 

9. On the Membership Add window, select your organization from the drop-down. 


10. Select the Membership Program, the Buyer Type, and the Membership Price


11. Once you have all of this information filled out, click on the Proceed button. 

12. On the General tab, you are able to Assign a Membership number or check the box next to Auto Assign, and the system will auto-generate a membership number. 


13. Set the Join Date, which indicates the day the membership becomes active and the Expiration Date, which is the date that the membership expires. 


14. Check on the Auto Renewal box if this is a membership that is automatically renewed.  


15. Click on the Customers Tab


16. On the Customer Tab, you are able to add more members to a membership. In the search field, type in the name of the customer, and click on the Add Selected button (Please note this function will only work if you are inputting information for a Multi-Member Membership).


17. Click on the Notes tab to enter any notes about this member. 


18.  Click the Save button to complete and save this membership information.


19. You will now see the new membership in the Membership tab in the customer record. 



Editing A Membership

20. If you already have a membership in this customer's record, but it needs to be edited, follow steps 1-7 to get to edit page. 


21. From here, you are able to edit all the tabs described above. 


22. With existing memberships, you will notice you have the ability to edit Benefit Groups


23. Click on the Benefit Groups tab. From here, you can add new benefits or edit existing benefits to the membership. To add a new Benefit, type in the name of the benefit group. Select the correct group from the generated options, and then click on the Add Selected button. 


24. You should now see the benefit group listed. Click on the boxes below the benefit group to adjust the Start Date and End Date that this benefit will be available. 


25. If you want to delete an older benefit, click on the red delete icon next to the Start and End Dates. 


26. Once you have made your edits, click on the Save button. 


27. You should now be able to see your edited membership. 


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