Limiting Permissions of a Blue Folder in Administration

Some organizations need to restrict permissions for a specific blue folder (i.e. Rental Clients that you want to be able to access only their events). As an administrator, you can create a new User Permissions role and then associate it with specific permissions for that folder. Follow these steps to add permissions.

1. Log into Administration.  

2. Select the Blue Folder where you wish to add specific user permissions.  

 3. Right-click the Blue Folder you wish to limit access to and select Properties.


4. Go to the Tree Management tab.


5. Check the box next to Permissions


6. You should now see the Permissions icon in your Blue Folder


7. Click on the Permissions icon. 


8. Select the User Role that you want to change the access to this folder. 


9. Uncheck the Inherit permissions from the Organization


10. You can now change the permissions for just that Blue Folder

11. Once you have changed the permissions, click Apply to save. 

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