Membership, Orders, and Package Reports

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Accounting Reports 

Box Office Reports


You can pull reports from the Report tab in Web Portal. To access Web Portal from the Agile Ticketing Solutions Application, click on the Support Functions button at the top of the screen. Select Web Portal.  


Click on the Report button on the left side of the screen. 


New Users for the Reporting portal can be added in Agile just as you would add for any new User in the system. This can be done in the Administration side of the Agile Application (See Creating User Names for your Staff for more information.) or through the Web Portal (See Adding New Users in Web Portal for more information). 

Reports are permission-based. If you do not see a report listed, first check with your organization's administrator or contact your Agile Client Support Representative to see whether you have been given the proper permissions.


Member Purchases Analysis Extract: This report pulls a spreadsheet that shows all of the purchases made by a member. Choose event date range for the report of member event purchases during specified time period.

Membership Audit: This report pulls the revenue detail for all memberships purchased. Choose organization and sale date range to see a membership sales summary by price type.

Membership Extract by Date: Choose organization, membership program, then sale date range to see by order, the memberships sold in that time period.

Membership Labels: Choose organization, membership program, and expire date range for an easy way to print mailing labels.

Member Usage Extract: This report shows how a member uses their membership. Choose the organization, the membership program or ID, and the sales date range to generate an Excel document with redeemed membership benefits. Will include what was purchased, purchase date, benefit groups, and more. 


Catalog Orders By Sales Date Offset: Choose your Catalog organization folder and the date offset string (this is from today's date and time) to see orders separated by order number. 

Catalog Orders By Sales Date Range: Choose your organization folder and the sales date range to see orders separated by order number. 

Credit Card Chargeback Details: Enter the order number and a case number (found on chargeback statement) to see the detail of item, charge amount, and delivery method to print off and mail with your chargeback response. 

Event Orders By Sales Date Offset: Choose your Event organization folder and the date offset string (this is from today's date and time) to see orders separated by order number. 

Event Orders By Sales Date Range: Choose your event organization folder and the sales date range to see orders separated by order number.

Order Confirmation: Enter the order confirmation number and see the confirmation page that is sent to a customer after a purchase. 

Order Confirmation Batch: Choose a certain batch number to see all order confirmations pertaining to that batch of transactions. 

Package Renewal Status Extract: This report pulls an Excel spreadsheet that shows the status of season packages that have not been renewed. 

Refund/Cancellation Summary: This report will give you the detail for orders that have been either canceled or refunded based on a specific sales date range. It includes customer name, order number, refund date, where the order was purchased, who in your box office processed the refund, where the refund was processed, the event information, and the total amount of refund. 

Sales Transactions Extract: Choose sale date range and see a listing of all items purchased by each customer record.

Will Call List: Will Call List pulls a list of all customers who have selected Will Call as their delivery method.  This list will be in alphabetical order by last name.  


Package Orders Extract: This report gives you details of all package orders including the customer's information, the order number and date, the package prices, and any questions and answers that were given.

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