Adding a Donation in POS

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A customer may spontaneously wish to make a donation when they walk up to your box office. Agile allows you to track the customer's name with the donation so you always know who your donors are and run the sale through the Point of Sale.

1. In the POS screen, click on the Customer Search icon Image_2.1_Customer_Icon.jpg at the top of the screen. 


2. Search for the Customer or Add a New Customer


3. Click on the Donation Button. Image_3_Donation_Button.jpg

4. Click on the Donation Program to which the customer is donating. 

5. Click on the amount of the donation. Either enter in the amount the customer would like to donate or select one of the predetermined amount buttons. 


6. The Donation amount will appear in the right-hand column.  


7. Click on the Cash Register to enter in the Payment method. If you have a credit card swipe connected to your station, swipe the card at this time.



8. Once the payment has gone through, the order information in the bottom right corner will turn orange. 



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