Managing Reserved Seating Inventory

1. Login to Administration

2. Click on the House Icon

3. Open the blue folder that houses your shows. 


4. Click on the Show icon. 


5. Select the Show that needs inventory holds. 


6.  Right-click on the showing and select Seat Maintenance


7.  This will open the Seat Map. At the top of the screen select the Area and the Section. Select the circular Inventory Group View button. 


8. Select the seats that will be placed on Hold. (Once you have selected the seat it should become highlighted.) Right-click and select Set Inventory Group/Tier


9. The Inventory Group/Tier window will open. In the Inventory Group drop-down, select the Hold Type for those specific seats (i.e. Hold, Artist Hold, ADA, etc.).

Please note that this pop-up defaults to an Open Inventory Group and the first Tier on the list. If you are changing the Inventory Group or want to work in another tier, you will have to select from the drop-down and then select OK. 


a. If you need to add an additional Inventory Group, click on the ellipsis button next to the drop-down. 


b. Enter the Name for the new Inventory Group


c. You will need to designate a Restriction Type. This will manage who is able to see these types of holds. 


d. Enter the character you wish to represent that hold in the Available Display Character box (example: h = Holds, A=Artist Hold, etc.). 


e. If you are setting up an Inventory Hold Group and would like for those tickets to automatically move to an Open Group, select an inventory release method under the Inventory Release Settings drop-down list. 


f. Once you have all necessary information filled out, click Apply and OK


10. Once the Inventory Group has been selected, make sure to choose the correct pricing Tier and click OK to close the window. The character on the selected seats will now change to the Available Display Character set in 9d. 




11. Once all of the changes have been made, click Apply to save your work and OK in the corner to close the window. 


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