Troubleshooting: Stimare Ticket Printer


Below are common troubleshooting issues with Stimare ticket printers. Please read through to see if your issue is described below. 


No tickets print.

1) Check to make sure the printer is turned on. 

2) Check all the connections from the printer to the computer and from the printer to the wall outlet are secure. There should be a light and Ready message displayed on the device.

3) Has the printer recently been disconnected from the computer? If so, then a duplicate of the printer may have been created, and Agile will need to be redirected to the active printer. Go to Devices and Printers in your computers settings. If there are two printer icons, then a duplicate has been created. The duplicate is typically labeled the same as the original with the addition of (Copy) at the end. The active printer is highlighted whereas the inactive printer is greyed out. Make a note of the active printer's name, then log in to the Admin side of Agile, go to Location, and access your Terminal's settings. Under the Printers tab, make sure the UNC is pointing to the active version of the printer. 

4) In the Sales side of Agile, make sure the proper printer is selected. To do so, select Ticket Printer in the top heading and click the printer you are trying to print from (the printer should have a check mark next to it). Sometimes, even when the printer seems to have a check mark, you need to click to select.

5) Check to make sure there is a Boca Windows Compatible ticket format associated with the ticket type you are attempting to print.


Tickets print backwards or cuts improperly.

1) Check that the ticket stock is loaded properly. The short end of the stock should feed through the printer first. 


Tickets print but printer skips or duplicates tickets at random.

1) It is possible your printer needs a Firmware update. Please contact Agile Support for assistance.


Tickets Print Jobs restart in the middle of the job.

1) The USB Mass Storage option on the printer needs to be disabled. Please contact Agile Support for assistance.


If after you have tried all the aforementioned steps you are still experiencing problems, contact Agile Support for assistance.



If the printer must be disconnected from the computer:

1) Label which USB port it is currently connected to. It must be reconnected to the same USB port.

2) When disconnecting, turn off the printer PRIOR to removing the USB connection.

If any changes are made to the printer settings, you may be required to log out of Agile and log back in for the changes to take effect. 



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