How To Use Inventory Schedule View In Web Portal

Inventory Schedule View is an online calendar that gives your staff quick inventory information for a specific event. Shows or Events are color coded based on what percentage has been sold or are about to be sold out. There are filters that can be applied by specific date range, by a specific sales folder, and by a specific venue. It also gives you details of the number of tickets sold, the number of tickets open for purchase and the number of tickets that are on a hold status. Follow these steps to learn how to access and use the Inventory Schedule View. 

1. Log into the Web Portal.


2. Click Schedule from the menu on the left side of the page.


3. At the top of the screen, you will see the filters that can be applied. You can:

  • Choose the Event/Show Start Date and End Date to limit the view to a specific time frame.


  • Select a specific Folder from the Filter By Folder drop-down if you only want to see the Events/Shows that have been built in that folder.


  • Select a specific Venue from the Filter by Venue drop-down to see only the events for that Venue


4. Once you have set your filters, click Go to view the Showings/Events based on your filters.


5. The thick color border at the top of each Event/Showing represents the percentage sold:

  • Green: The majority of the open inventory is available for purchase. 


  • Blue: 50% of the open inventory remains for purchase.


  • Red: Either less than 5% of open inventory remains or the Showing/Event is Sold Out.


6. Click View More to see Details of the Event/Showing and get more information about the Inventory Numbers.



7. From the Details window, click the View Check-In button to start manually checking in guests if you are not scanning.



8. Click the Manage button if you need to edit that specific Event or Showing. For more information, check out Editing a Show or Event in Web Portal and Editing Showings



To learn more about editing Event/Showings, CLICK HERE.

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