How to Set up the Partnertech POS

1. Unpack all equipment and make sure you have everything you need. (Printers, cash drawer, scanners, etc. are options you may not have purchased. Compare the equipment received with your Agile Sales Order).


NOTE: You will need a Phillips head screwdriver for assembly. You will also need a power strip connected to a power source. Make sure that the Ethernet cable for the internet is long enough to access the POS. 

2. Unpack the Cash Drawer first. The Cash Drawer can be placed underneath the POS or can be placed in an assigned location underneath the counter. The power cord and serial cable should be positioned to the rear of the cash drawer.



3. Place the Partnertech POS  in the location for your box office or concessions stand.

4. Place printers, USB scanner, keyboard, and mouse near the position where they will sit when the system is fully assembled. Route the USB and serial cables to the rear of the docking station.

5. Remove the cover on the back and on the front underside of the POS.


6. Connect all USB and serial cables into the back of the Partnertech station. Only the cash drawer and Star printer have to be connected to a particular port. NOTE: Our ISS team will place a Label on the front panel that will let you know which USB Port that the printer needs to be connected to.


7. Plug in all of the power cords to the power strip. If the power strip has a switch, make sure it is switched to the ON position.

8. Place the cover back onto the Partnertech station. 

9. To adjust the height of the station's screen, you can gently pull the screen up. 

10. Click the power button on the lower right of the computer to turn it on. 


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