Importing Showings


You are now able to import your showing times. First, you need to make sure that you have created the show that you wish to import the showings for. Click here to see our article Building an Individual Show or if you have multiple shows that you wish to import click here to see Show Import Instructions

1. Log into Administration

2. Open the blue folder that houses your shows. 


3. Right Click in the Showing area and select import


4. Click on the Import Example button to save the Import spreadsheet example to your desktop.




5. Fill in the spreadsheet with the showing information. 


A. Show name: In column A you will need to enter in the Internal Name of your show. This is the name that only shows up in the system or the short name of the show. 

B. Template Name: In column B you will need to enter the name of the template that you created for the show. 

C. Date TBD: if the dates of your show have not been finalized yet you can type TRUE in column C. If they are finalized and you want them to appear online you make sure the column says FALSE. 

D. Start Date: IN column D you will need to enter the start date and time of the showing. 

E. Duration: Enter the duration of the show in column E. Please note that the duration needs to be entered in minutes. 

F. Show Time with Date: If you wish for the time and date of the show to appear on the website type TRUE in the fields in column F. 

G.Show End Date: if your organization publishes the end date a time on their website make sure that you enter TRUE in Column G

H. Event ID: The event ID will be generated by Agile once you Import the showings. 50 character limit. 


6. Once you have filled out the Import spreadsheet you need to go back into Agile Administration and back into the Blue Folder with your shows. 


7. Right-click in showing and select Import. 


8. Click Load File and select the completed import spreadsheet.


9. All of your showing information should appear on the Showing Import Page. 


10. From here you can make edits to your showing by double-clicking on the field you wish to edit. 


11. Once all of your information is correct click Apply to import your showings. 

12. This should also generate a ShowingImportResults spreadsheet that you can use later to re-upload these showing if anything goes wrong later. 


13. Before you are able to view these showing on your website you will need to put them on sale see the article Placing Multiple Shows/Events on Sale to learn more. 

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