How to Edit your Ticket Pages and add the URL to your Website

Branding is everything and we know how important it is to add your brand to your ticket pages.  In just a few easy steps you can change the look and feel of your ticket pages. Once you are done editing your ticket pages, choose from the different URL views and add them to your website. 

1. Open your internet browser and go to 

2. Enter your Username, Password and Domain.


3. At the top left of the screen, you will see your Organization's Name. Click on the Gear button. 


4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and open Entry Point Group: {Organization Name}.


5. Below the list of URL's (i.e. Grid, Calendar, etc.), click on the Edit {Organization Name} button. 

      a.  You can have up to three different colors on your ticket pages. To change the colors of your ticketing page, click on the Color1, Color2, or Color3 buttons at the top of the page. Choose from the color selection provided or if you have the Pantone numbers, you can enter the HSL and RGB numbers to add that custom color to your selection. 



      b. Passcode allows you to password protect your links until you are ready for them to be published and be seen by the general public. This is helpful when you need to test everything online prior to going on sale.


      c. Enter you website address in Logo Link URL. This will allow your customers to click on your logo to take them back to the home page on your website.


      d. Logo Image allows you to upload a small image that will appear above the navigation bar.  This image will be the default image for you Logo Link URL. The image size should be 120 Pixels wide by 120 Pixels High at 72 dpi.




      e. Banner Image allows you to upload a header image that will appear at the top of your ticket page. The image size should be 1078 pixels wide by 120 pixels high at 72 dpi




      f. If you have a Background Image for your ticketing page you can upload that by clicking on the Upload Background image (the background image will cover the entire ticketing page). (Background image will only work for the Agile 2015 skin) 





    g. Once you have edited the look and feel of your ticketing page click on the Save button.


6. Now you are ready to choose the URL View that you would like to appear on your website.  Click on the URL that you would like to add to your website.  Once the page has opened, double check that everything is set up correctly and then cut and paste the URL to your website. 



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