Copying an Event in Web Portal

Web Portal gives you a way to create an Event that is identical to another Event in Agile without setting up the new event from scratch. Instead, you can copy an Event from one that already exists. Copying an Event that is already built in Web Portal is easy with these simple steps:

1. Go to 

2. Type in your Username, Password and Domain, and then click Login


3. On the left side of the screen, click Events.


4. Under the Events tab, click the Events button to see a full list of Events.


5. Click the Copy button next to the Event.


6. In the New Showing window, you may change the Start Date and Time of the new Event.


7. Click Continue once you have finished editing this window.


8. If necessary, use the Event Edit page to edit the event further. On this page, you may edit the Properties of the new event; edit, change or add Pricing and Inventory; add or remove Images; and more.




9. In the Sales Channel Availability section, set a time for when your tickets go on sale. First, select a Mode. 



Simple Mode allows you to make the same changes to all Sales Channels at once. 



Advanced Mode allows you to set different on-sale times for different Sales Channels. 2019-10-28_133809.jpg

10. Whether in Simple or Advanced Mode, check the box next to the Sales Channels you would like to activate. 


11. For each Sales Channel, set the Start/Stop times for tickets to this event to go on and off sale.


12. Once you are done making your edits to the New Event, click the Save Changes button. 



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