Customer Search in Web Portal

1. In your internet browser go to

2. Log in using your Username, Password, and domain name. 

3. Click on the customer icon on the left-hand column. 


4. You are able to search for a customer by entering in any information into the fields on the top of the screen. 


5. Once you have entered in the customer's information you can find their customer record in the list that appears below. 


6. If you wish to view more information about this customer click on the square icon next to the customer name. This will bring up Customer Details.


7. In the Customer Details page, you can view the customer's address, phone number, and any orders from that customer. You are also able to email the customer directly from this page by clicking on their email address at the top of the page. 


8. In order to access the customer touchpoint click on the arrow next to the customer name on the customer search page. 


9. On the touch-point page enter in the subject of your touch-point, next enter in the type of touch-point, and then enter in who contacted the customer. 


10. If you want to add a due date for when the customer needs to be contacted by check the Due Date box and enter the due date and time in the box that appears. 

11. If you have contacted this customer by the assigned due date you can click on the box next to Completed 

12. If you have any other comments or notes to take about this customer you can put them in the comment box under the touch point screen. 


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