A5 Alfred AD-215 Floor Stand Kiosk Instructions


The PartnerTech Alfred AD-215 kiosk floor stand comes in 4 parts as shown in Figure 1.

  • Assemble the Floor Stand Base
    • The base and floor stand will be shipped in one box.
    • It is best to have a large work surface and a helper.
      1.  Place the floor stand on a clean work surface with the
        bottom hanging over the edge and the door facing
      2. Have a helper support the floor stand so it does not fall
        off the edge of the work surface while attaching the
      3. Attach the base using the 4 hex screws and lock washers
        shown in Figure 3. A 5mm Allen wrench will be needed.
        Notice the rear of the base has an edge with cable
        cutouts and threaded screw holes. Match the rear of
        the base to the rear of the floor stand.
      4.  The floor stand with an attached base can be placed on


  • Assemble the Printer Housing and Head Unit
    • The printer housing is shipped with the cables
      coming out the bottom. It is recommended to
      have a helper support the printer housing while
      the head unit is attached.
  • Note: If the head unit is shipped with the
    keyhole screws attached with tape over them,
    do not tighten them as they are set to easily
    and securely fit the keyhole slots.
  1. Place the head unit face down on a clean work
    surface. Place on a clean towel or rubber mat to
    keep from scratching the screen is preferred.
  2. Remove the cable cover by lifting the rubber tabs and
    removing the 2 screws.
  3.  If the keyhole screws (Figure 5) are in place on
    the back of the head unit with
    tape over them, remove the tape
    but do not tighten the screws. If
    the keyhole screws are not
    already installed then install 2
    keyhole screws into the bottom
    two monitor mount screw holes on the back,
    leaving them to lose and not all the way in, about
    1/16” from being fully seated.                                                                                              2022-11-16_110035.png2022-11-16_110049.png
  4. Make sure the cables coming out of the top of the
    printer housing are coming out at the front and
    center of the opening.
  5. With a helper supporting the printer housing, set the head
    unit on the printer housing by sliding the keyhole screws
    into the keyhole slots as shown in Figure 6. Install 2 M4
    umbrella head screws in the top two monitor mount screw
    holes also shown in Figure 6. Note: Two more
  6. screw holes along the top will be used in the next
    step. Do not try to install the M4 screws in these holes.
  7. Install the hinge shroud (Figure 8) using the 2 small M3
    screws (Figure 9.) The screws will connect to the top 2
    holes shown in Figure 6.                                                                                   2022-11-16_110104.png2022-11-16_110129.png2022-11-16_110145.png2022-11-16_110203.png
  8. Lay the printer housing and head unit on its back to expose the connectors on the
    bottom of the head unit. 2022-11-16_110224.png
  9. Figure 10 shows the connectors available on the bottom of the Audrey A5 head unit.
    Connect the Power and Network cable to the ports shown. Note: It is important to
    connect the USB cable labeled Printer to the USB port labeled as USB1. If the
    printer is connected to the wrong port Windows may rename the driver causing the
    Kiosk software to not see the correct printer. Connect any other USB cables to any
    available USB port.
  10. Replace the cable cover shown in Figure 4, being careful to not stress the cables too
    much. An assistant may be needed to help hold the cable cover in place while it is
    secured with the 2 screws.
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