System Issue 11/11/22

A system alert was received by our technology team at 11:12 CST on 11/11/2022.  Our technical team is working to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Updates will be posted to this form as they are available.   


A failed router update on the Flexcential Core Router in the NAS 3 data center caused a loss of internet connectivity that was first noticed at 11:12 CST on 11/11/2022.


Routing through the core routers began reestablishing at 12:10 AM CST On 11/12/2022. All connectivity seems to be restored now, and all systems are back online. 


The maintenance window for these updates will not close until 2:00 AM CST. However, we do not anticipate any additional interruptions. 

Agile technicians will continue to monitor our systems until the window closes. 

Any updates and root cause analysis information will be updated in this article. 

If anyone is still experiencing any issues, please call agile support. 

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